TAG Heuer Di Caprio on the red carpet

— Leonardo di Caprio appeared on the red carpet for the BAFTA wearing a black tuxedo and his TAG Heuer Replica Watches Carrera Chronograph.

Leonardo di Caprio, on the red carpet for the BAFTA, London, Sunday 16th February

The 2014 British Academy Film Awards ceremony in London, on Sunday 16th February,  was something of a star studded event. Leonardo DiCaprio proudly wore his TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph (ref CAR2014.FC6235) while attending the event.


Leonardo di Caprio, and his TAG Heuer Swiss Replica Watches Carrera Chronograph ref CAR2014.FC6235.
© Andrew

Zenith Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Nominees Night

— Monday, February 10th, Zenith Fake Watches sponsored The Hollywood Reporter’s star-studded event honoring the nominees of the 86th annual Academy Awards, in Beverly Hills.

 Jared Leto, Jean-Christophe Dufour, CEO of Zenith

The evening was hosted by The Hollywood Reporter’s Publisher Lynne Segall and Co-President/Chief Creative Officer of the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media Janice Min, who welcomed notable guests such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ethan Hawke, Jared Leto, Piers Morgan, Steve Coogan, David O. Russell and Barkhad Abdi.

Zenith Timepieces had one of their master Breitling Replica watchmakers on site who entertained attendees with a Rolex Replica watchmaking demonstration illustrating the fine craftsmanship and skill involved in the famous El Primero movement. Guests also enjoyed the opportunity to discover iconic models from Zenith’s collection in the company of Jean-Frédéric Dufour, CEO and President of Zenith Timepieces.



Ethan Hawke and Jean-Frederic Dufour.
© Zenith Siwss Replica Watches

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde SW Côtes de Genève

— A new version is enhancing the Grande Seconde SW line today, featuring alligator leather strap and new Côtes de Genève decoration.

Grande Seconde SW Côtes de Genève ref. J029030245 © Jaquet Droz

Immediately identifiable by its two off-centered dials that describe the figure eight, the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde is regularly reinterpreted by the brand’s artisans.

In 2008, Jaquet Droz Replica Watches UK launched the Grande Seconde SW, a sporty reworking of this model. A new version is enhancing the line today, complete with alligator leather straps and new Côtes de Genève decoration.


Grande Seconde SW Côtes de Genève  J029030245

Grande Seconde SW Côtes de Genève, réf. J029030245
© Jaquet Droz Replica Watches UK


The famous Côtes de Genève ornamental pattern is decorating the dial of this new model in anthracite gray. A series of regular lines, the pattern highlights the watch’s features and gives it depth.  The traditional rubber and metal strap of the Grande Seconde SW has been replaced by the fine luster of an alligator leather strap in a color to match the dial.

Jaquet Droz will unveil several other variations of this Breitling Replica watch at Baselworld 2014.



The Jaquet Droz 2663A-S self-winding mechanical movement, with ruthenium treatment, double barrel and 18-carat white gold oscillating weight, is visible through the case-back.
© Jaquet Droz Fake Watches UK

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Petite Link, rose gold

— The Stirrup Petite Link collection features very feminine cases measuring a mere 23.30 by 27mm. Focus on the model with a rose gold case and a white dial Breitling Replica Watches.

Ralph Lauren's Stirrup Petite Link, rose gold

The new Stirrup Petite Link collection features the iconic stirrup-shaped case in a reduced size. On the model presented today, the case and the interconnected bracelet links are in 18K red gold. It features a white lacquered dial.


Stirrup Petite Link, or rose, cadran blanc

Stirrup Petite Link, or rose, cadran blanc

© Ralph Lauren Replica Watches


This rose gold model is also available with a black lacquered dial.

IWC SIHH 2014: Going big on going deep with the Aquatimer

— IWC has turned its attentions to its Aquatimer family of diving watches this year. Get ready for novel functions, the return of titanium, and what might just be the world’s largest perpetual calendar wrist Breitling Replica watches.

Aquatimer IW355701 Deep Three © IWC

There won’t be many Replica Watches UK released this year that take their design cues from a piece launched in the early 1980s, much less whole collections. That thought in mind, IWC’s decision to ingrain its latest line-up with the look of a model launched in the decade that traditional watchmaking forgot is a bold one.

But for all that the early 1980s are remembered by the Omega Replica watches industry rather as you would the feeling of falling off a bike as a child, the decision stacks up. The 80s model in question is Ferdinand A. Porsche’s Ocean 2000, a piece penned for IWC in 1982 that’s become a collector’s forum favourite for its gritty aesthetic and the Teutonic efficiency of its form.



IWC Replica Watches booth at the SIHH 2014.
© Michèle Brunner

The news is that it’s those same qualities that come to the fore in the brand’s new Aquatimer collection, launched this week at SIHH. Now, prepare yourselves – this is not IWC’s prettiest Replica Watches family. Not by far. But then it never has been. And on speaking to Christian Knoop, IWC’s creative director and the brains behind the new concept, you quickly get the impression that’s sort of the point anyway.

‘We had two main objectives when we were thinking about relaunching the family,’ says Knoop. ‘On the one hand, we wanted to bring more manufacture Manufacture movements to the Aquatimer line, and on the other we wanted to upgrade the line in terms of function and aesthetics, and to find something that would give it an IWC USP.’

That USP is not in decoration or mechanical innovation. And certainly not in prettiness. Instead, it’s it lies in a novel, ingenious system found in each of the new Aquatimer models that allows the user to adjust the watch’s inner rotating bezel by turning its outer bezel.

‘IWC is known for an inner rotating bezel,’ says Knoop. ‘The first diver’s watch we launched in 1967 had an inner rotating bezel, which was operated with a second crown. This became the signature element for IWC diving Replica Breitling watches for many decades.’

The exceptions to this rule, he points out, were the GST of the 1990s and the previous Aquatimer collection, which broke with IWC convention by featuring an outer rotating bezel.

‘We’re taking the best from both worlds and creating a new technical function, for which we’ve filed a patent,’ he says of the system, which is known as SafeDive. ‘This delivers exceptional functionality, but also a very particular aesthetic, which sets our watch range apart from the rest of the market.’

The gearing system behind the function is tucked away under a covering that sits on the case at 9 o’clock (which has been mistaken for a second crown or a helium valve by some early theorists – it isn’t), except on the 46mm titanium Deep Three, where it’s been rotated to 4 o’clock to balance the design, which includes a depth gauge reset button at 2 o’clock.

The SafeDive’s outer bezel rotates in both directions, but only engages with the inner bezel when turned anti-clockwise, ensuring the usual dive-time securities provided by a traditional uni-directional turning bezel.

Aesthetically, the bezel is the spit of the design featured on the Ocean 2000. Knoop has said before that he feels it’s his responsibility as the current custodian of the IWC look to keep one eye on the brand’s heritage and one on its future, and here he’s been faithful both to the history books and to his own mantra.

There are nine different models in the new line-up (an increase on the five launched in 2009), some of which have to be seen to be believed. Chief among those is the flagship Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month, a 49mm hunk of titanium that’s both an elite expression of haute horlogerie and a utilitarian tool capable of keeping track of the inconsistencies of the Gregorian calendar while 120 metres underwater. For those questioning the logic behind the combination, Knoop describes this piece as a collector’s item – only 50 will be made.


Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month

Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month


As Just as collectable, you would imagine, will be the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition ‘Expedition Charles Darwin’, which is cast in bronze, a material IWC is using for the first time.

Given its organic qualities – ie that it’s soft and oxidises quickly, changing colour and developing a patina in a surprisingly short amount of time – it might come as a surprise to some that IWC, a brand normally associated with words like precision and engineering, has embraced bronze. ‘The way bronze ages over time brings a new dimension to the range of materials we offer,’ says Knoop. ‘And I believe people will appreciate that.’

It’s no ordinary bronze, though. According to Knoop, IWC has sourced a rare bronze alloy that’s ‘50 per cent harder than the materials our competitors are using’. Exact details remain under wraps, but it’s certified biocompatible and hypoallergenic.

Links to Darwin feature in two further models, both of which will support the Charles Darwin Foundation’s work on the Galapagos Islands, a partnership IWC have fostered since the launch of the last Aquatimer collection in 2009.

The Aquatimer Chronograph Edition ‘50 Years Science for Galapagos’ has been made to mark the 50th anniversary of the Charles Darwin Research Station and is limited to 500 pieces. It’s coated in rubber, as is the non-limited Aquatimer Chronograph Edition ‘Galapagos Islands’. All three feature IWC’s in-house 89365 chronograph calibre.

IWC’s relationship with the Cousteau Society now dates back 10 years and two Aquatimer collections. The Aquatimer Chronograph Edition ‘Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau’ continues the tradition of Fake Watches celebrating the great marine conservationist’s life.



Aquatimer IW376805 Chronograph Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Beyond these, there are core collection chronograph and automatic models, the latter of which will be the smallest in the range at 42mm. The 46mm Grade 5 titanium Aquatimer Automatic 2000 completes the set – as the name suggests, it’s water-resistant to an impressive (but unnecessary) 2,000 metres. Note the use of titanium in the collection – IWC (together with Porsche) pioneered the material in watchmaking in the late 1970s and Knoop has faithfully brought it back after a brief hiatus.

None of the new Aquatimers features a helium escape valve, an interesting development. ‘We discussed this point,’ says Knoop. ‘Our view is that this function is for deep-sea divers, who stay in a helium enriched atmosphere before they dive. The divers who go for really deep dives and need helium escape valves make up a very small percentage, so we decided it wasn’t worth integrating them into this watch.’

That, despite the commendable logic, is clearly one of many bold decisions behind this bold new collection, a collection that in the Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month features the second largest watch IWC has ever made.

‘We wanted to have a collection that can be immediately identified as typically IWC,’ says Knoop. ‘We wanted to do something that has this very technical, but at the same time typical purity IWC is known for. There are an incredible number of diver’s watches out there – we wanted to have something that can not only be identified as IWC, but which will stand out immediately.’



3 Aquatimer watches exhibited at the SIHH 2014
© WorldTempus /Michèle Brunner

Eterna New Vice-President Marketing & Sales

— Eterna has announced the appointment of Bruno Jufer as Vice-President Marketing & Breitling Replica Watches Sales with effect from the beginning of this year.

Mr. Bruno Jufer, Eterna's Vice-President Marketing & Sales

Bruno Jufer grew up in Grenchen, as son of a replica Breitling watchmaker, and inherited his father’s passion for the craft at a young age. Sport played a major role in his youth as he was a member of the Swiss university ski team. He acquired his first experience of the fake Breitling watchmaking industry in the sports sponsorship department at Tissot while studying Economics at the University of Bern. He subsequently held positions as Director of Marketing & Sales with a number of brands. Notable achievements here included his active role in the international repositioning of Maurice Lacroix, the establishment of a distribution network for Jaquet Droz and global development of Carl F. Bucherer, where he also held the position of Vice-President. Over the past three years as CEO with Antoine Martin, he held overall responsibility for developing and establishing the brand.

As Bruno Jufer explains: “I was born in Grenchen and my aim now is to restore Eterna to its former glory and see it recognized as a genuine ‘manufacture’ – a watchmaking company that designs, develops and produces its own movements. My twenty years of experience in the Replica Watches US industry and the intensive discussions I held with Mr. Hon, Chairman, and Mr. Shang, CEO of the China Haidian Group, persuaded me to take up this challenge.”

Omega Replica

Speake-Marin New Replica Watches retailers

2014 — Best Breitling Replica Watches For US Sale

The Speake-Marin Watches Replica collection can now be found at three new points of sale around the globe.

Speake-Marin Serpent Steel

In Tokyo, Japan Speake-Marin timepieces are now available at two new venues: Isetan Shinjuku luxury department store (Isetan Men’s Building, floor 8F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) and Noble Styling Gallery (1F, The Westin Hotel Tokyo 1-4-1, Mita, Meguro-ku 153-8580 Tokyo).

And in Kiev, Ukraine, you can now discover Speake-Marin Fake Watches creations at Crystal’s boutique , on Vladimirskaya street 20/1A.

Oris WilliamsF1 Team launched limited edition watch

To celebrate the Williams F1 race has reached 600 games to participate in, Oris hereby introduced Oris Williams F1 Team 600 games limit table. Inspired by the high-tech F1 racing, racing chronograph function directly and closely related.

Beautiful Gold UK Omega Replica Watches. Most Fashion Replica Watches UK Store

Watch has a 45 mm diameter circular stainless steel case , black DLC coating tachometer bezel. Black dial for Arabic numerals and hour markers and hands are coated with white luminous material. 12 hours and 60 minutes chronograph dial chronograph dials are located at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock position, forming eight pattern. Date display at 6 o’clock position. The periphery of the dial, with minute scale. Timing function element is blue. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass to protect the dial.

豪利时推出WilliamsF1 Team限量款腕表

WilliamsF1 Team sw500 limited edition watch is equipped with an internal self-winding movement with hours, minutes, date and chronograph functions.

New watch with a stainless steel black rubber strap .

The watch is limited production 600.

WilliamsF1 Team limited edition watch estimated price € 2750. Watch more details, please continue to focus watch from home.

Wrist into a great place to show off their wealth Secret ironic phenomenon of high-end watch industry

Despite the invention of the watch conform pragmatism logic, but today, “senior watch” has become a pure luxury. In fact, they decided early in the design expensive. For many companies, this is a matter of pride related to the brand, but when the world of luxury and utility collide, it will naturally produce some people think ironical or confusing phenomenon.

1 accuracy is not important

Perhaps the most obsessed with watches for those who love the table, the most emotionally difficult to accept the things that mechanical watches and quartz electronic watches accuracy is not high, but the gap is not small. Low cost, and the design is often rough quartz watch though no beauty in our eyes, but it is indeed better than the high-end mechanical watches better performance. Love the table who did intrinsic value judgment that the traditional design and watch the beauty of giving is more important than accuracy. The irony is that we wear a watch was supposed to look at the time of.

Now that the problem is not so important. Wherever you go, everywhere around us accurate digital clock, their time is often based on more accurate clock calibration good for. Therefore, if we watch a few seconds slower, or you can manually calibrate, or simply look around the clock – if time must be accurate to the second word. However, for some people, mesmerized by the precision may bring some degree of cognitive dissonance. In most cities, you spend $ 10 at most, you can buy a quartz watch. Its battery can be used at least two years, and every month of the time display error about 15 seconds or less.


Of course, there are many precision quartz watches is much higher, many high-end mechanical watches will go through the Swiss company COSC (Swiss official Observatory testing organizations) professional testing. Watchmaking brand product movement inspected, meet specific performance criteria of the movement will receive COSC chronometer certification. After a certified chronometer watch error is usually about 5 seconds in a day, which is 15 seconds per month Accuracy and error on the cheap quartz movement bad days to do. On the time display, the love the table does not give priority to accuracy, perhaps somewhat ironic, after all, expensive high-end watches should give the ultimate enjoyment. But it remains intact in our favorite high-end watches, and fame or fortune.

(2) according to customer’s psychological pricing.

To some extent, the watch and the history of the watch has been earlier luxury goods. The first advent of extremely high-end watches, only the elite of the elite can afford. This is because every one table requires skilled craftsmen (watchmaker) painstaking handmade. To the industrial revolution, began to adapt to the times of manufacturing watches the trend , and most Americans are pushing tabulation by the invention of machines to mass production mechanical watch movements. Since then, mass production of inexpensive high-limit tables and tables have been co-exist in the market, for all types of consumers.

To the 1980s, with the cheap, mass-produced quartz movement watch debut, this trend began to intensify. Quartz is not only far below the cost of mechanical movement, and the performance advantages are undeniable. Mechanical watch industry transformed and began to high-end luxury goods industry in transition, mechanical watches and quartz watches Competition is not performance, but the quality, design, workmanship degree and status. Mechanical watches has become a status, wealth, symbol, but also began pricing accordingly. Ironically, most of the manufacturers of mechanical watches and quartz watches manufacturers, rely on many lower cost industrial technology, which from the outset so that the mechanical watch many unique features vanished.
Mechanical watch ushered in a new era, in this era, watches are no longer simple timing tool, its function is first to demonstrate to the people around the wearer’s identity, followed by the display time. In order to attract “right taste” purchase of the crowd, watch brand on their own pricing does not necessarily depend on the cost of the watch, but depends on what type they want to attract customers. Pricing is both a psychological warfare, also based on a valuation made design standards. Watch brands reflection is: “What kind of people we want to wear our watches? Can spend $ 5,000 in the watch people, or people who spend $ 50,000?” Amazingly effective this strategy, but many brands locate target customers minds a bit overheated.

3 people to share a table valued additional features rarely utilized.

In watch terminology, the so-called “additional functions” refers to such as timers, calendar display this type of functionality or features. Additional features make the mechanical watch movement more interesting and potentially more useful, but …… also more complicated. This aspect improves collection ‘s interest, it also improves the value of the watch, therefore, additional functions better. If there is an investment value of the watch , worn only occasionally, then this design is better. But if it is for everyday wear watch, those sorts of additional features in the end how practical it? It turns out that is not so practical as people think.
Of course, the irony is that, despite these additional functions or features without practical, people do not see this in droves. In addition to time display, date display, timer (stopwatch), perhaps combined with a dual time display function, high-end watches most additional features are just decoration, the purpose of this table is to convince you how much worth having.

4 Sorry, you want manual?

Tools and instruments generally with manual. Clothing and jewelry without – perhaps because they themselves do not need to do more to explain. Watch in between a few businesses provide a fine detailed user manual (even if the manual is not perfect, at least more practical). But most businesses in addition to sell you a table, almost will not teach you how to use this worn on the wrist of new tools.

Experienced love the table taken for granted, after all, the use of mechanical watches tend to be common knowledge, know how to use a table, another table will naturally be used. But this is not always apply to an exotic style watches. Watchmaker appears from the fashion industry and the jewelry industry draws much inspiration (perhaps because for many years, mostly in jewelry watch store sales), often overlooked to provide customers with appropriate documentation guidelines. Customers ask questions such as avalanche, most of them are asking is how to set the time, how to use the timer function, and why mechanical watches bought back just over a week does not go as well as how to set the calendar and other issues.
Watchmaker is how to respond to it? Watchmakers will generally claim that both guide customers to use the new table, or according to the customer’s Wrist adjustment strap size, which is the retailer’s thing. Not unreasonable to say, after all, people are generally used to purchase gift table, and many people buy the table after a long remembered after the term manual. Unlike general instrument brands , technology support call center. Thus, those who love the table often only resort to the Internet, the network as a high-end machine tools universal manual.

5 Waterproof often deceptive.

If you marked waterproof watch is 30 meters and then you may also be able to wear it at best, wash your hands, as is generally believed that such a point of waterproof watch in the degree will also be able to ensure no water just splashed water . If the water level is 50 meters, then you put it gently dip into the pool of water, or wearing it a bath, it may be no problem. If the water level of 100 meters, the watch company claims can wear it swimming in the sea, as long as you dive depth in the range of a few feet. However, if the watch is waterproof degree two, three hundred meters, then wearing it diving is probably not a problem. Do not forget, most of the water level ratings are under static conditions of the test results. When people frolic, watch seals the pressure is much larger.
Interestingly, most of a person’s life will not dive to over 100 meters of water. Even more interesting is that some watch waterproof reaches the 500 meters, 1,000 meters, or even higher. In so deep underwater, even if the watch is not water, most people life can not be maintained.

Richard Mille The magic formula

— It’s only been 12 years. But in that time, Richard Mille has built a brand from scratch that’s now worth a reported SFr400 million. We spent a day with him and asked him, just how did he do it?

Vacheron Constantin – Replica Watches UK

Richard Mille & guests in front of his chateau in Brittany

Richard Mille starts with a story. ‘I’m banned from driving at the moment,’ he says, squinting from behind small black-rimmed sunglasses as the late summer sun beats down on him. ‘The police caught me doing 151 in a 90 in my GT40 and they banned me for six months. I said to them, “I don’t have a speedometer,” and they were nice to me. Normally, if you are going this fast, they take your car away.’

Mille is clearly amused by all this, and he chuckles as he recalls his brush with the gendarmes. He’s not done. Not only was he speeding, he continues, he was also on slicks clearly marked as not for road use, a crime that on another day might have seen him and his car dealt with rather more forcibly. A friend of his ‘who knows how to write a good letter’, he goes on, managed to get his ban halved. You get the impression the telling of the tale will long outlive Mille’s driving hiatus.
His audience for this particular recital here at Mille’s home in the Brittany countryside includes more than one current Formula 1 driver and has been brought together by Martin Brundle, once an F1 driver himself, who now works as a presenter for Sky TV’s F1 channel. Brundle and his crew are here to film some segments for his show, and he’s invited a few hangers-on along for the ride (me).
Handshakes on arrival – only a moment before the driving ban story – come from Mille, Brazilian Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa and the young French Marussia F1 driver Jules Bianchi, both of whom Mille has taken under his wing and whose arms brandish his timepieces. Later, for reasons that are never quite clear, Ilie Nastase will join us for lunch and dinner (yes, the former world number 1 Romanian tennis player – and Hublot ambassador).

© Robin Swithinbank/Worldtempus

Mille is keen to show us his cars. In the grounds of his magnificent and impressively extravagant 18th Century chateau (he and his wife have restored it over a 12-year-period and transformed it into the kind of plush taxidermist utopia you only ever see on the pages of highfalutin interior design magazines), is Mille’s ‘office’. He takes a certain delight in calling it that – while the immaculately converted barn is indeed home to a computer and a desk chair, it’s also where he keeps some of his collection of one-off historical racecars.

Alongside his 1965 GT40 are Jim Clark’s 1965 South African Grand Prix-winning Lotus, James Hunt’s 1976 McLaren M23, the BRM that won the ‘fastest grand prix in history’ at Monza in 1971, and a 1970 Ferrari 312B, which, as watch types tend to know, became the first F1 car to carry a watch brand logo when Jack Heuer gave the team his backing. The Ferrari, says Mille, is still ‘in its juice’, unrefurbished and exactly as it was 40 years ago. It is a thing of mesmerizing and intimidating beauty.
Mille, it turns out, is an avid collector of many things. He has an estimated 3,000 car magazines and owns the only complete Concorde manual. In his office there’s a Martin-Baker ejector seat and a mirror with a surround made from the air intake of a Boeing 737. He even has one of Yohan Blake’s running shoes, although that’s not surprising given the Jamaican sprinter is one of Mille’s high-profile sports ambassadors.
For some reason, though, he doesn’t consider himself a collector. ‘No, I’m not a collector,’ he says when asked by Brundle if he sees his cars as investments. ‘I am not impulsive. I buy what I love.’ Whether this argument stacks up or not seems irrelevant. His collection of cars and automobile ephemera is awesome – and rising in value. Vintage cars with historic links have made their owners vast returns in the last few years. Mille struggles to place a value on his.

© Robin Swithinbank/Worldtempus

His collection – make no mistake, that’s what it is – obviously inspires him. His watches were first described as racing machines for the wrist years ago, and the synergies between his two passions are palpable, not to mention well documented.

But what’s unexpected is that all his cars are so old. Instead of a Bugatti Veyron or a Pagani Huayra parked on his drive, brimming with space-tech, he has a 1975 World Rally Championship-winning Lancia Stratos, complete with panels attached by old-school clips.
That doesn’t mean there’s no connection between the two. In their own way, each of his cars pushed boundaries and achieved the exceptional. With my amateur shrink hat on, I find myself wondering if his watches, for all their hyper-modernity, are designed to capture the same sense of wonder he must have felt in his youth when he saw these cars for the first time. If invoking wonder was part of his original mission, he’s succeeded.
Having done the tour, it comes to that time to sit down for a chat. Richard Mille the brand was launched when Richard Mille the man was 50. Now 62, he owns a company worth an estimated SFr 400 million. Talks of Kering, formerly PPR, taking a controlling stake may have gone quiet for now, but a big-money takeover may not be far away. Knowing all this and having seen the fruits of his labours at first hand, the first thing I can find to ask him is simply, how in the world did he make it all happen?
Annoyingly, for those of us looking for a tidy soundbite, he’s not really sure. He talks about his passion and having a dream, as well as adhering to the three pillars of his concept (roughly, innovation, ergonomics and no expense spared). He also says he was just sure that he would find clients who would buy his astronomically expensive watches. How was he sure? ‘I refused to do any market research,’ he says. ‘And I didn’t study the competition.’

© Robin Swithinbank/Worldtempus

All he knew, he says, was that high-end watch brands at the time were manufacturing 19th century mechanical watches using modern tools and techniques. He wanted to develop 21st century mechanical watches, and believed there would be a market for them. And, as we now know, there was.

Maybe it was genius. Maybe it was savvy. Or just luck. I can’t say. Whatever the reason, the resulting Richard Mille empire is impressive. At the moment, retail prices for his men’s collection start at €65,000, with an average price of €135,000. He’s already selling 2,500 pieces a year and reckons he can double that with the brand’s new facility in Les Breuleux now up and running. That could easily mean annual sales in excess of half a billion euros. Not bad for a project he began because he wanted to make ‘a product that has the symbol of my passion’.
Perhaps not surprisingly, he’s comfortable in his success. ‘I haven’t been stressed in 10 years,’ he says on more than one occasion. That can’t possibly be true, you think, but then when you see him lunching peacefully under the branches of the apple trees in his orchard, surrounded by his beautiful wife, their children and a disparate group of people he persistently refers to as ‘friends’, perhaps it could.
As the time comes for me to leave his rural idyll, he extends his arms and gives me a warm embrace. Mille is good at hugs and high-fives – throughout the day Massa and he have hugged and fist-bumped like a father and his favourite son after a particularly good day on the golf course.
It’s been a privilege, I say to him, and he looks almost bashful, pleased to have entertained and enthralled. I’ve been agog casting an envious eye over all his cars, so much so that I’ve almost overlooked the watch on his wrist – an RM-011 Felipe Massa prototype that’ll be launched at SIHH next year.

Too much to look at. Too much to talk about. Too much to take in in one day. ‘Come again,’ he says. I just might take him up on that. I really might.

© Robin Swithinbank/Worldtempus